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It's finally here, the hottest invention in the leisure industry.
A unique 2 in 1 portable climbing system combining spider climbing and ice-climbing in 1 system, 1 price!

The system can easely be changed for the winter and sommer season within 1 hour. It can even be changed each day!



The mobile wall can be setup by 1 operator in just 30 minutes. Climbers are secured with auto belay or on the drational way.

4 different side banners with spider climbing logo and vertical limit logo will make the climbing wall a real eyecatcher everywhere you go.

Vertical Limit ice climbing system:
On Special foam plates with crampons and ice picks you climb up the 8 mtr heigh wall like on real ice.


Climbing on steeal plates with your specially designed magnetic climbing gear up to 8 mtr high wall. There are several weight classes (3) for optimal performance.


Tehnical specifications: The system includes:  
Hydraulic set up: 1 person Mobile portable hydraulic wall 9 mtrs.
Set up time: 15 minutes Special foam plates for vertical limit
Height: 8 meters Special steel plates for spider climbing
Width: 2 meters 3 basic spiderclimbing sets
Total weight: 1.800 kg 2 icepicks, 2 safety helmets, 4 ski boot sets inc. crampons
Warrenty: 1 year 2 side banners vertical limit
Adjustable angle (easy.difficult) 2 side banners spiderclimbing
Power supply: 220 volts, 16 amps 2 safety harnasses
Approved by the Dutch liftinstitute
Download the PDF version: Verticallimit sales leaflet


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