FLY SEAT is the newest height system from Action innovators.
Easy to use, completely safe, high turnover an hour and can be operated by only two staff members.
Because of the heigh capacity you can earn your investment back in just a couple of months !






The basic FLY SEAT is an aluminium con-struction on wich 14 special seats are mounted. The first seven are in front , the second row is elevated. After the participants are strapped in the seat on 5 points by the operator, the complete system will be lifted to a height of 50 mtrs. with a telecrane.

On this height the view is overwhelming, with clear wheater you can look as far as 25 km !
But there is a special aspect to this system........... there is no floor underneath your feet ! You look down into the abyss !

This system can be set up in 10 minutes with 2 operators and because of the ex-eptional light weight (500 kg) very easy to transport. It even fits in a fully closed van.
At night the FLYSEAT is spectacular illuminated by led lighting.


Technical specifications: (basic model).  
Size: Length: 4 meters
Width: 2 meters
Capacity: max 84 persons an hour
Height: depending on crane, the heigher the better!

Height: 2 meters Power supply: 0 (only needed when in use at night
you need 220 volts for the led lightning).
Weight: 500 kg
FLY SEAT is approved by TUV
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The FLYSEAT is designed for all kind of special events and because the branding opportunities a very usefull tool for promotional events.

You can use the FLY SEAT for:
‐ VIP seat for music and dance festivals
‐ As a special attraction on cityfestivals
‐ Vip seat in soccer stadion and cycle/sports events.
‐ For opening of new buildings and structures.
‐ Vip seat on race tracks. (over looking the whole circuit.)
- Space recuired on location incl. crane : 15x15 mtrs.

We can build FLY SEATS in different sizes and any seat color.
Basic model: 14 seats
Advanced model: 18 seats
Superior model: 24 seats
Download the PDF version:Verticallimit sales leaflet