Action Innovators products represent the safety of classic rides and simulators combined with the image of the trendy crazes.
This combination represents an alternative in today's amusement industry. All products are manufactured with the highest regard to safety, quality and efficiency, according to the valid international norms and Dutch lift institute.
Ride customers have increasingly developed a consciousness for
individuality and personal challenge. The demand for adventure and thrill has grown into a new industry section over the last ten years.
A one-by-one ride naturally has a lower throughput, but customers are prepared to pay a higher price for the individual experience.
After the ride, customers have that lasting feeling of happiness and personal achievement, which explains the success of one-by-one rides. Action Innovators policy is aimed at the maximum of customer satisfaction, achieved by:
Safety - service - Quality

An Action Innovator product offers:
Breathtaking attraction, that generates extra visitors for you event.
Participation of your visitors. The positive euphory transfers to your product/company excitement all day.

Editorial press coverage about your event.
Action Innovators products events are designed for:
leisure parks
city festivals
sport events
corporate events.